26 Jun 2017

Significance of Paryusana Parva

Paryusana Parva is the most auspicious festival of Jains. Celebrated every year its aim is about self-purification and upliftment of individuals, where they are meant to adhere to the ten universal virtues in practical life. The duration of this festival is 8 days during which Jains fast and carry out religious activities. The festival generally falls in the period of Sravana and Bhadra (August or September). As a practice of Paryusana Parva, during the rainy season, Indian monks avoid travelling […]

23 Jun 2017

Mindful Mantra teachings – Dr. Vasanthvijay Maharaj

Mantras refer to the spiritual liberation of one’s mind. A Sanskrit word “Mantras” are made up of two words “Mann” referring to mind while “tra” refers to an instrument. Chanting of mantras is believed to be beneficial for one’s mind, for they transport one to a higher sense of awareness. Men and women across the world chant various mantras because of their uniform ripple energy effect. A good example would be beeja mantra’s; that are one syllable seed sounds that, […]

21 Jun 2017

Kundalini Practices

Kundalini refers to the non-active chetnas that lay dormant in the lower spine of one’s body. Spiritual seekers often look at the practicing of Kundalini jagran mantras to grow and realize the higher realms of spirituality without having to deal with Kundalini awakening after effects. The best way of achieving Kundalini jagran benefits is by learning Kundalini mantras under the guidance of a Spiritual Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj. His holiness Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj has spent years in meditation and […]

20 Jun 2017

Finding Peace Within

Our world seems currently on a self-perpetuating treadmill, wherein we are so busy with our day-to-day activities that stopping might just cause us to jerk and fall right off into oblivion. Getting too busy with our lives is one of the leading causes of stress, and often is the precise reason that leads to various lifestyles related diseases. But you may wonder how certain people still manage to be completely grounded; the answer lies in them finding peace within themselves. […]

19 Jun 2017

Significance of doing Yoga

Yoga is India’s gift to the world. Yoga not only improves one’s physical health, but also helps in gaining mental balance. Yoga at the physical level comprises the various postures or ‘asanas’ whose aim is to keep the body healthy. The mental techniques include breathing exercises and meditation to discipline the mind. It is however believed that the ultimate motive of yoga is to transcend the self and attain enlightenment. It is proven that Yoga energizes the body and facilitates: […]

16 Jun 2017

Importance of Samayik

Samayik is among the most important and sacred rituals in Jainism. The purpose of practicing this age old tradition is so that we come closer to our soul. The process of Samayik involves sitting down in one place for 48 minutes isolating ourselves from our daily household, social, business, or school activities. During this time we read religious books, pray, and recite the rosary. Before settling into Samayik pose, one has remove one’s regular clothes and wear simple, but clean […]

14 Jun 2017

Significance of Dana in Jainism

Dana or Charity is among the most important aspects of Jainism. In fact, it is considered as a fundamental part of ahimsa and points have been specifically laid down that the householders should make it a point to give regularly from their income Dana, i.e., charities.  It’s believed that one who regularly gives is in a sense practicing being non-greedy, being greedy is being self-fish and that in a certain sense is type of hinsa. Jainism strongly advocates that we […]

14 Jun 2017

Significance of the Posh Dashami Festival

Ever wondered which are the days of utmost significance amongst Jains? For Jains, Posh Dashami is among the most important festivals in their religion. Celebrated in the month of the magshar vadi (9,10,11), they pay their obeisance to lord Parshava Nath on his birth anniversary. Lord Parshava Nath is among the earliest Jain Tirthankara, who is generally acknowledged as a historical figure and amongst the founding fathers. His birth is of significance since he started the tradition of “four fold […]

13 Jun 2017

Anger Management according to Jainism

Being Angry is one of the most negative emotions that we have as human beings. Anger as an emotion is elaborately written in Jainism and it effectively shows ways on how to handle or suppress it. Jainism studies goes a step ahead, looking into the root cause of anger. Anger is seen a response that we have over others uncontrollable behaviour. There are two kinds of anger: Active Anger: This is something that occurs instantly and you are angry at […]

13 Jun 2017

How Yoga & Meditation can actually make your life better?

Originated from India, ‘Yoga’ and ‘Meditation’ are the two characteristic words that describe how to live a divine life. Yoga is so powerful that it can easily distress you from certain stressful situations which help you to build an inner peace. In an unfortunate event, yoga helps you to maintain physical as well as emotional balance. There are certain other benefits that help you to make your life more cheerful & can achieve a path to your life goal. There […]

12 Jun 2017

Importance of Yoga in our Modern World

It’s nice to know that ‘Yoga’ which is acknowledged as India’s gift to the world is finally getting its due as it is being practiced by millions all across the globe. The very practice of yoga is found to be beneficial as it alleviates stress and gives comfort to people who are tied up in the never ending cycle of daily hectic and fast paced life. Based on the holistic principles of unification and harmony within nature and body, Yoga’s […]

12 Jun 2017

India Championing For PEACE In An Uncertain World

What does the world think of India? The populous land of the orient and spice is considered amongst the most peaceful countries in the world. Peace is something that India painfully recognized many decades ago, as the only tool through which its growth could be successfully achieved. Along with a peaceful government, which democratically functions for its billion plus  population, India has to its advantage many spiritual leaders that promote peace, oneness and harmony. These spiritual individuals act like strings […]

08 Jun 2017

5 Successful Lifestyle Habits

Let’s face it, we all have one life which is a gift granted to us. Now we owe it upon to ourselves to cherish it and make the best use of it. There are examples of countless people who didn’t value their life and the opportunities presented to them, and likewise there are many people who took the opportunity they got and lead meaningful lives. Much of the latter was done by following good Lifestyle habits. Following are ten successful […]

08 Jun 2017

4 Teachings from Bhagawat Gita that will transform your life

If you are born ‘Hindu’ or your upbringing is from India, then you will surely know about ‘Bhagvat Gita’ which is regarded as one of the most auspicious religious books. From the ages, it has been regarded as one of the precious tool that uncovers the several facts of life. ‘Bhagvat Gita’ is an epic book which was written by Ved Vyasa. The Vedas written teaches about the hidden things in life, that states the life solutions lies in your […]