Humanitarian Services

Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj’s peace-making and other charitable activities are carried out through his organizations/charities. The first three charities opened by Maharaj are as follows:

  • Shri Parshwa Padmavathi Seva Trust, Krishnagiri, India
  • Shri ParshwaKrupa Charitable Trust, Krishnagiri, India
  • Shri Parshwa Padmavathi International Trust, Leicester, UK

Peace Marches

Resolving Conflicts in Threat Prone Areas

Symbolic Public Demonstrations with Candle Lit Vigils

Friendship and Brotherhood Camps

Musical Concerts on Awakening Peace

Protection of Children’s Rights

Youth Welfare Camps

Street Theatres

Since 2002, Maharaj has been carrying out several events, programs and different activities through his charities. These charities are Peace Building Charities open to all irrespective of their caste, creed, gender or other cultural differences. It encourages universal participation and is not limited locally. Anyone could join the organization and become a member or volunteer irrespective of he or she being a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jewish or any other religion. It welcomes inter faith participation and organizes inter faith meetings and discussion forums to hear the voice of all and widely promotes communal harmony. The Vision of Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj is to create a blissful World with peace and prosperity for all Mankind’ – a World in which we respect and love each other despite the differences in our culture, religion and way of life. He has dedicated his whole life towards realizing this goal. His teachings and principles readily provide practical solutions to all the burning issues across the world. His charities are a source of medium to fulfil his vision and till date several activities under his strong leadership have been carried out such as:

School Competitions like Essay Writing, Public Speaking, Art and Painting

Children’s Summer Camps in Art and Culture

Medical Camps

Feeding the Poor and Homeless

Educating the Under Privileged Section of the Society on their Rights and Providing Provisions for them

Constructing Schools in Villages and Remote Areas

Animal Welfare Camps

Tree Planting Events and Eco Friendly Programs

Promotion of Non Violence through the Practice of Vegetarianism

Creating Mass Awareness on Healthy Food Habits for Developing a Peaceful Mind

Participation in the Peace Summits and Peace Talks across the World and Lot More.