An Introduction On His Holiness Shree Dr.Vasanth Vijay Maharaj

It is indeed a great honor to introduce Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj-a ‘Renowned Legend’ to this world. An esteemed Maha Guru and a Peace Maker of the 21st Century. Being the divine light of the universe, he is the lion of vedanta, the king among men, the symbol of universal love & brotherhood, the preacher of nonviolence, the champion of unity, the power of renunciation, the embodiment of strength, the ambassador of world peace, an ocean of compassion and grace and an inspiring teacher who has transformed millions of lives towards creating a peaceful world.

Born on March 5, 1970, in a small town of Krishnagiri India, Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj has been influenced with living in harmony and peace right from his childhood. At a very young age of 20, he started the “Peace Movement” inspiring millions across the globe to practice the basic principles of love, tolerance, friendship and brotherhood. The “Peace Movement” involved conducting thousands of events by Maharaj in India and abroad, of which many had been personally sponsored by Maharaj himself, including Peace Marches, Symbolic Public Demonstrations with Candle Lit Vigils, Friendship and Brotherhood Camps, Musical Concerts, Street Theatres, School Competitions like Essay Writing, Public Speaking , Art and Painting, Children’s Summer Camps on Art and Culture, Medical Camps, Feeding the Poor and Homeless, Animal Welfare Camps, Tree Planting Events and Eco Friendly Programs, Promotion of Non Violence through the practice of Vegetarianism and Creating Mass Awareness on Healthy Food Habits for developing a peaceful mind, participation in the Peace Summits and Peace Talks across the World. These events also witnessed wider participation from renowned scholars, saints, politicians and celebrities from around the world.

Maharaj renounced all the worldly pleasures and attained Sainthood in 1998. His first Peaceful Centre in India was established in his birth town Krishnagiri, (which is situated in Tamilnadu, India, 97 km from Bangalore and 265 km from Chennai) that witnessed the construction of a Beautiful Glass Temple to promote peace and harmony. Maharaj also formed two charitable trusts- Shree Parshwa Padmavathy Seva Trust and Parshwa Kripa Seva Trust, purely dedicated for peace activities. Today, Maharaj has more than 100 of such peace centers, charitable trusts and branches all over India and abroad, where millions of his followers carry out numerous peaceful Activities under the holy guidance of Maharaj.

‘Maharaj’s Vision is to create a blissful world with peace and prosperity for the entire mankind’ – a world in which we respect and love each other despite the differences in our culture, religion and way of life. Maharaj has dedicated his whole life towards realizing this goal. His teachings and principles readily provide practical solutions to all the burning issues across the world.

‘Maharaj’s accomplishments are nothing less than miracles, especially as single individual to revolutionize the whole peace process. Maharaj is the only intellectual being who brought the very idea of introducing peace education as a new subject in school curriculum in order to implement the gospel of peaceful living right at the root among school children who are the future leaders of our nation. By educating children right from the school level, Maharaj’s vision is to open a new gateway for a peaceful world unlike today which is full of civil wars and conflicts. He has drafted a five point agenda on peace education explaining the role of different sections of the society- the role of policy makers, the role of principals, the role of teachers, the role of parents and finally the role of children. This has been copyrighted under Maharaj’s name and is progressing rapidly towards implementation.