Kundalini Practices

Kundalini refers to the non-active chetnas that lay dormant in the lower spine of one’s body. Spiritual seekers often look at the practicing of Kundalini jagran mantras to grow and realize the higher realms of spirituality without having to deal with Kundalini awakening after effects. The best way of achieving Kundalini jagran benefits is by learning Kundalini mantras under the guidance of a Spiritual Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj.


His holiness Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj has spent years in meditation and studying the Kundalini jagran process. Having mastered the art of Kundalini awakening chakras through practicing of certain Kundalini shaktipat; Guruji has himself become a vast reservoir of knowledge for anyone seeking to learn Kundalini mantra.


Let’s take Naadi Jagran for example!

Naadi here refer to spiritual nerve channels through which the entire body is energized. According to yogic theory Naadi carries life energies called prana and on awakening they lead to further spiritual realization.

Guruji Vasanth Vijay Maharaj is keen to spend time with interested devotees and educate them on the various facts of life.  We mostly emphasis on below practices.

  1. Pran Vayu Prashikshanam
  2. Ida Pingala Chitra Nirupanam
  3. Naadi Jagran
  4. Dhananjayadi Vayu Shodhanam
  5. Marma Naadi Vigyan
  6. Pragya Jagran
  7. Samadhi Prakaranam

Interested followers who have a hunger to learn Kundalini jagran from Guruji can fill up their details given below; however, those who have already undertaken a spiritual education discourse must also mention them in the comments section. Interested people can send their spiritual biodata at connect@vasanthvijay.com


Guruji will personally check the details of each follower and choose those suitable one for education.