Major Contribution & Awards

For the past 20 years, Maharaj’s continuous efforts and commendable contributions to the society, nation and world at large are beyond words of appreciation. He has received many honors, titles and awards for his pioneering efforts in this field.

The most prominent ones are listed below:

Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj met Pope Francesco at the Vatican City , Rome on Jan 22, 2014. During the meeting, both the world leaders greeted each other and Maharaj discussed about peace education to be introduced in school curriculum worldwide as a purely new subject and explained the importance of peace in the present times. Maharaj presented the books on peace education and his five point agenda to the pope. Both of them shared common thoughts on the peace mission and on working towards achieving the same. Maharaj was honored by the Head - Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran of Pontifical Council for Inter Religious Dialogue at the Vatican City on Jan 22, 2014.

Maharaj was invited and honored at the Indian Embassy in Italy on 23rd Jan 2014 by
hon’ble Mr. Vasanth Kumar Gupta, the ambassador of India.

Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj is the first Indian saint to be invited in the British Parliament and is the third scholar in the world to be honored with 'Ayurveda Ratna' by Ayurveda Council of the UK. The award was presented by the hon’ble minister of justice Simon Hughes at the British Parliament on Jan 16, 2014.

Maharaj delivered parliamentary lectures both in the House of Lords and in the House of Commons at Westminster UK on Jan 16, 2014 clearly laying the importance of peace during his speech.

Maharaj was nominated for Noble Peace Prize in 2011. He received more than 5700 supportive
nomination letters for his commendable contribution in peace making. Among them were: 370 MP’s, 30 ministers from different countries, 2000 scholars, professors and teachers from different fields and many prime ministers and presidents of different nations.

Maharaj was appointed as the Diplomatic Counsellor of India by the International Parliament for Safety and Peace in Sep 2009 and was issued a diplomatic passport.

Maharaj was appointed as a Deputy Member of the National Assembly of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace in Sep 2009.

Maharaj organized the Millennium Development Goal & World Peace Festival in Leicester, UKin 2008 including simultaneous lighting of 66,840 candles signifying the world population at the Leicester Tiger Grounds which was recognized by Guinness Book as a world record. It witnessed huge participation of public, representation from various countries, scholars and politicians from the British Government.

Maharaj supported the Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations and organized a 10 day
Peace Festival in Leicester between Sep 30, 2008 to Oct 9, 2008 to signify all the 10 aims of the UN. He organized such programs and activities that promoted the aims of the UN - Each day was one goal and 10 days symbolized 10 goals of the UN.

Maharaj educated the people of the world on the importance of world peace and how that can be achieved through fulfilling the 10 goals of the United Nations for Millennium Development as listed below:

  • The first day of the festival carried out programs and prayers for ‘World Friendship’ to develop a global partnership for development.
  • The second day witnessed a ‘World Peace Prayer’ to reduce child mortality.
  • The third day of the festival organized activities to ‘Promote Non-Violence, Universal Love & Brotherhood’.
  • The fourth day symbolized the ‘Destruction of Darkness from Every Soul’ and to combat HIV, AIDS, Malaria and other diseases to improve Maternal Health.
  • The sixth day carried out activities for ‘Generating Powerful Spiritual Energy’ to promote Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.
  • The seventh day witnessed programs for ‘Protection from Natural Disasters’ arising from water, air, fire, space and other planets to ensure environmental stability.
  • The eight day organized activities for ‘World Prosperity’ to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
  • The ninth day involved programs to promote Spiritual Knowledge with the aim to achieve Universal Primary Education.
  • The tenth day carried out prayers for ‘World Peace and Unity’.

A great success of this 10 day peace festival in 2008 was recognized and appreciated worldwide. Her majesty Queen Elizabeth had personally expressed her appreciation and well wishes on this event and world leaders from across the globe honored Maharaj for his pioneering efforts towards world peace.The Nobel Peace Laureate Dalai Lama and various presidents and prime ministers of different countries appreciated Maharaj through letters on the massive success of the event.

Maharaj had organized the simultaneous lighting of 1,31,000 lamps on the banks of River Ganga in India for world peace on June 2008 that accorded as a world record in the Limca Books.

In Aug 2008, Maharaj met the Pope Benedict XIV in Rome, Italy and the two world leaders for a peace talks on several burning world issues.

In 2009, Maharaj travelled to Egypt and Thailand as part of his peace activities and attended various peace programs.

In Jan 2009, Maharaj attended the World Parliament for religions in Melbourne, Australia and played an important role as a honorary lecturer on ‘Environmental Peace’

‘Vasanth Vizha 2009 – a massive Peace Program’ amongst school children of Chennai, India witnessed the participation of 20,000 students in various competitions including talent auditions, essay writing, debates, and cultural programs etc. Maharaj distributed medical insurance worth 3000,000 pounds to 20,000 school students who participated in the event to reflect on the fact that ‘only a healthy body can hold a peaceful mind’. One of the main highlights of the evening included the peaceful carvings and making of beautiful sand sculptors at the marina beach, the second largest beach in the world conveying the message of peace and harmony and no to terrorism and this was signed by several thousands of visitors including celebrities, political figures, scholars from affluent society, common public and school children. About more than three quarter million visitors attended this Peace Program.

In the context of promoting nonviolence and recognizing the role of food as a calming influence on the mind, over 1500 vegetarian dishes were prepared in Oct 2006 under the holy guidance of Maharaj that was recognized by the Guinness Book as a world record.

With the success in the preparation of diverse dishes to promote nonviolence and peace this event was repeated with 2007 dishes in March 2007 – recognized once again by the Guinness Book as a world record.

In March 2007, a single ladoo weighing 2007 kilos was made under the guidance of Maharaj to promote sweetness in society. This mass event received recognition in the Limca Book as a world record.

In May 2007, Maharaj made the longest saree with a peace message. This was recognized by the Guinness Book as a world record.

Maharaj lighted a single lamp using 1400 Kg of oil at his Peace Centre in Krishnagiri, India as a symbol of world peace in 2006.

In June 2005, Maharaj was honored with a world record by the Limca Book for the construction of a beautiful glass temple at his Centre in Krishnagiri, India.

In June 2005, Maharaj achieved another record in the Limca Book for the construction of a beautiful Holy Statue at His Centre.

Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj has travelled across the globe meeting the world leaders including presidents and prime ministers of different countries, Pope of Vatican and many renowned people in the process to end conflicts and promote world peace.

Many political leaders, prime minister, chief ministers and social activists have visited Krishnagiri at Maharaj’s Peace Centre to seek his blessings and also to seek his advice on various issues.One of his amazing efforts towards peace making that appeals to the world is meditation. Maharaj has been continuously practicing meditation on a minimal diet from several years. His meditation practice lasts for minimum 3 months every year. The most significant one was observing 850 days full silence in the last decade and a 240 days of continuous silence in the year 2003.

Maharaj will be constructing the eighth wonder of the world in Krishnagiri, India, in the year 2015 – that would form the major Centre for World Peace –the construction will be 431 feet tall. Parshwa Padmavathy Temple that will include four single stone statues of 23 feet high in the pose of meditation invoking inner peace. Each statue will weigh 160 tones and will be in four different colors- rare green stone, yellow stone, black stone and pure white stone. These four statues will sit under the shade of 51 feet high tree weighing 800 tones. The length of the structure is 415 feet and breadth is 315 feet and will have minute stone carvings and beautiful golden paintings depicting the importance of peace and nonviolence. This very construction goes beyond our imagination and is expected to be a marvelous piece of work in the history of peace revolution.

Maharaj always emphasizes on the purity of soul and character. His teachings emphasize promotion of peace at heart, peace in mind and peace in body to collectively join hands for world peace, universal love and brotherhood.

Well, there are 100’s of more such achievements and honors of this World Peace Leader that one can keep writing. His involvement in several such activities is evident of his vision and mission and no doubt his immense contribution and boundless dedication is creating a peaceful world for all to co-exist and prosper.

At this point of time, it is hugely reassuring that while the world goes about its business, there is someone like Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj constantly striving to spread peace in the world

Our respectful salutation to Maharaj….