Mantra Teachings

Mantras refer to the spiritual liberation of one’s mind. A Sanskrit word “Mantras” are made up of two words “Mann” referring to mind while “tra” refers to an instrument. Chanting of mantras is believed to be beneficial for one’s mind, for they transport one to a higher sense of awareness. Men and women across the world chant various mantras because of their uniform ripple energy effect.

A good example would be beeja mantra’s; that are one syllable seed sounds that, that when said aloud, would activate the energy of one’s chakras in order to purify and balance one’s mind and body. Mantra chanting benefits are numerous; on chanting the mantra one directly evokes the dormant cosmic energy and the repeated chants bring about a harmony followed by a pleasant state of mind.

However, there are numerous forms of Mantra’s and for an individual, it’s important to know the real meaning before chanting it. This is learned best under the guidance of a spiritual guru of repute.

His holiness Vasanth Vijay Maharaj has spent years, learning the different Vedic mantras and understands their significance. Vasanthvijay mantra teachings are aimed at bringing about a transformative change, wherein the individual appreciates the mantra in the end.

Approaching the study of mantras with this awareness will result into more mantra based benefits. Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj is keen to spend time with interested devotees and educates them at their pace on different mantras.

1. Japit Siddha Mantras

2. Beej Mantras

3. Akshar pronunciation Vidhi

4. Bhumi Shuddhi

5. Chitta Shuddhi

6. Pragya Shuddhi

7. Vak Shuddhi

8. Asan Shuddhi

9. Disha Shuddhi

10. Sharir Shuddhi

11. Mantra Shuddhi

12. Nyas

13. Mantra utkilan vidhi

14. Mantra Tadan/Pratadan Vidhi

15. Mantra Bhed

16. Varna Vigyan

17. Sadhana Siddhi Prayog

18. Jap Vidhi

19. Mala Shuddhi

20. Mala Siddhi

21. Mudra Prakarnam

22. Devi/Dev Mudra Prakaranam

23. Yakshini Yaksha Sadhana Vidhi

24. Tantra Bhed

25. Tantra Lakshanam

26. Ishta Devta Chayan Vidhi

27. Mukha Shodhan Vidhi

28. Sharir Shodhan Vidhi

29. Mantra Snanam

30. Japa Mala Bhed

31. Japa Sankhya nirupanam

32. Yagya Ahuti karma nirupanam

33. Mantri Lakshanadi Kaal

34. Jap Sankhya Nirupanam

35. Yagya Kunda Prakaranam

36. Aahuti Samagri Vivaranam

37. Purnabhuti vivaranam

38. Aavahanadi kriya nirupanam

39. Pratyaksha Darshan Siddhi

40. Mantra Kavacham

41. Mantra Stotra Vivaranam

42. Mantra path Vivaranam

43. Mala Mantra Prakaranam

Interested students who are keen to learn Mantras from Guruji can fill up their details given below; however, those who have already undertaken a spiritual education discourse must mention prior details in the comments section below.