Naad Yoga

One of the oldest forms of yoga – Naad Yoga concerns itself with sound effects, vibrations, resonances and their effect on psychological and spiritual conditions. An integral part of the ancient Indian metaphysical system, Naad yoga is philosophy as well as a yoga form. The foundation of this form of Yoga is based on the notion that the cosmos and all aspects of it consist of sound vibrations, known as Naad.

Scholars point out the following about Naad Yoga

  1. By practicing it we energize our mind.
  2. It is a purification process.
  3. A tried and tested way to awaken the Kundalini within the body.
  4. It is also known as Naad brahm Saadhna, Gunjan yoga

Science of Naad Yoga Meditation

The basic principle of Naad Yoga is sound, and scholars believe there exists a divine sound in our body which can only be heard when in deep meditation. This requires immense practice and after making many attempts two sounds can be heard ‘Brahm Naad’ or ‘Anhad Naad’. There are two types of sounds type 1 is Ahad and 2 type is Anhad. Ahad sound is generated by striking and Anhad sound does not require any striking as it is the universal sound in the body.

The art of Naad Yoga Meditation

It is believed Naad Yoga is done best lying down,  hence it is important that when practicing it one remains alert and does not go asleep. Experts point out that Naad Yoga can also be practiced sitting, but the effect will not as deep unless one is in a very deep state of meditation.