Peace Education

Peace Education

Highlights of Few Meetings by Maharaj to carry His Peace Education Mission forward

Maharaj’s Vision is to make ‘Peace Education a Global Phenomenon’. He is a intellectual who has been successful in revolutionizing the whole peace process. The very thought and idea of introducing peace education as a new subject in school curriculum is a pioneer achievement to add to his contributions. He believes in implementing the Gospel of Peaceful Living right at the root among the school children --- who are the future leaders of our nation. His mission is to universally impart the knowledge and importance of peace and open a new gateway for a peaceful world unlike today which is full of civil wars and conflicts. He has drafted a five point agenda on peace education explaining the role of different sections of the society - the role of policy makers, the role of principals, the role of teachers, the role of parents and finally the role of children. The concept with syllabus has been copyrighted under Maharaj’s name in January 2014 and fast progressing towards implementation.

The International Peace Ambassador - Dr.Vasanth Vijay Maharaj has presented this idea and concept globally- right at the local level to state,national and international level. He is very keen to get this up and running in schools and learning centers. He has been holding massive talks with the related departments and their heads at state and central boards of education within India and abroad working towards creating a widespread awareness of launching this as a new subject soon. This idea has been welcomed by all - including politicians, MP’s, ministers, scholars, teachers, professors and children and talks are in process at all levels to find a proper channel through which it can be implemented soon.


Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj met with Pope Francesco

Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj met with Pope Francesco at the Vatican City, Rome on Jan 22, 2014. During the meeting, both the world leaders greeted each other and he discussed on peace education to be introduced in school curriculum worldwide as a purely new subject and explained the importance of Peace in the present times. He presented the books on peace education and its five point agenda to the Pope and both of them shared common thoughts on the peace mission and to work towards achieving the same.

Maharaj was honoured

Maharaj was honoured by the Head - Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran of Pontifical Council for Inter Religious Dialogue at the Vatican City on Jan 22, 2014. He was invited and honoured at the Indian Embassy in Italy on 23rd Jan 2014 by Hon’ble Mr. Vasanth Kumar Gupta, the ambassador of India and had a useful discussion on peace education project.

Maharaj Delivered Lectures

Maharaj delivered lectures both in the House of Lords and in the House of Commons at the British Parliament House in Westminster UK on Jan 16, 2014 clearly laying the importance of peace education and its importance in school curriculum. He is the first Indian Saint to be invited in the British Parliament and is the third scholar in the world to be honoured with 'Ayurveda Ratna' Award by Ayurveda Council of the UK. The award was presented by the Hon’ble Minister of Justice Simon Hughes at the British Parliament on Jan 16, 2014 for his excellence in peace promotion.

Maharaj has Organised Several Workshops

Maharaj has organised several workshops, seminars, lectures and educational camps in the recent past 6 months, especially focusing on this in order to create massive awareness in making peace education as a part of school curriculum.

Teacher for Peace – At a Glance

Dr. Vasanth Gurudevji Maharaj is a widely venerated and beloved 'Teacher of Peace'. He is a deeply spiritual Jain monk, with an entirely secular and universal orientation to the pursuit of non-violent conflict resolution promotion of peace, tolerance and brotherhood of man.

His millions of followers, representing all religions, faiths and sects, cutting across geographic, socio-economic, cultural and linguistic lines, have collectively helped in his endeavors to promote his peace mission.
He started his peace movement at the age of 20 and it's a cause to which he has been steadfastly committed over the last twenty years.

During this period, based out of his ashram in Krishnagiri in South India, he has conducted thousands of events to promote peace, spanning.
Peace Marches, Candle-lit Vigils, School Contact Programs, Peace Essay Contests, Peace Musical Concerts, Medical Camps, Art Competitions, Vegetarianism Awareness Events, Tree Planting Drives, Street Theatre, Childrens' Summer Camps tor Art and Culture, Animal Welfare Camps, Public Speeches, Friendship / Brotherhood Camps, Garnering support of Celebrities & other Saints...

He intrinsically believes that the best way to ensure that world peace takes root in society is by inculcating peace consciousness in tomorrow's citizens - CHILDREN.
Of late, prominent world citizens, including Nobel Laureates, have put forth the same idea. Dr. Vasanth Gurudevji Maharaj expounded this belief twenty years ago, and has been touching millions of children through his school-centric contact peace programs.

To translate this philosophy on the ground, Dr. Vasanth Gurudevji has embarked on a very Specific agenda - make Peace Education a part of school curriculum, because only by institutionalizing this important aspect will it get the importance it deserves. He is conscious that no effort in this direction will be fruitful without involving the other strong influences in the school fraternity -Teachers, Principals, Parents & Policy-makers - and these fraternities are now also being brought into the fold.

These stupendous efforts have brought him Awards, Titles & Honors which he wears lightly on his shoulders. The most prominent among these are:

• Appointed as the Diplomatic Counselor of India by the International Parliament for Safety and Peace in September, 2009.
• Appointed as Deputy Member of the National Assembly of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace in September, 2009.
• Appointed as the Ambassador of Peace for dedicating his life to promote universal moral values by Universal Peace Federation.
• Recognizing the role of food as a calming influence on the mind, over 1500 different dishes were prepared in October 2006 to increase peace consciousness and celebrate the unifying diversity of food habits across the world - a feat recognized by Guinness as a World Record.
• Given the success of the spread of peace consciousness with the preparation of diverse dishes, this effort was repeated with 2007 dishes in March 2007 – recognized once again by Guinness as a World Record.
• Organized the Millennium Development Goal & World Peace Festival, 2008 held in Leicester, U.K., including simultaneous lighting of 66,840 candles - recognized by Guinness as a World Record
• Organized the simultaneous lighting of 1,31,000 lamps on the banks of the River Ganga in India for World Peace on 8th June, 2008 - accorded a World Record by Limca, the Indian equivalent of Guinness Records.
• Vasanth Vizha 2009 - a massive Peace Program amongst school children of Chennai, India, including diverse activities like the sand-art sculptures on Marina Beach (the second largest beach in the world) that was attended by over three-quarter million visitors, talent auditions, essay writing and debates, cultural programs, etc. culminating in a day-long event which was attended by over 30,000 people. The highlight of the evening was the distribution of Mediclaim Bonds (Medical Insurance) to 20,000 school students, worth over Rs. 300 million.
• One of the few Dignitaries in the world to hold a Diplomatic Passport from the International Parliament for Safety and Peace.
• Venerated by almost all National Leaders in India and a few International Leaders who have interacted with him.
• It is hugely reassuring that while the world goes about its business, there is somebody like Dr. Vasanth Gurudevji Maharaj constantly worrying about its wellness.

Peace Education - Agenda For Parents

We all recognize that the need of the hour is to inculcate within our children, a sense of peace consciousness and the importance of conflict resolution.

Peace Education - Agenda for Policy Makers

Peace Education is the process of acquiring the values and knowledge and developing the attitudes, skills, and behaviors to live in harmony with oneself, with others, and with the natural environment.

Peace Education - Agenda for Principals

As Principals of your respective schools, you are uniquely placed and vested with the authority to forcefully recommend to your school's administrative board or board of trustees

Peace Education - Agenda for Students

Peace is not mere absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice.

Peace Education - Agenda for Teachers

Today's kids are exposed as never before to books, movies, the internet and mass media.
All of which are constantly