Spritual Education

Spiritual education and enrichment helps one to be grounded and at peace with oneself. Like the strings of a kite, they give direction, offering a pathway to lead a meaningful life and to achieve enlightenment. Many confuse being religious with spiritual education, but the latter by all means encompasses the former.

Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj has spent years studying the works of his guru’s. This along his own deep meditation has resulted in the evolving of special spiritual education courses that can best be learnt from his holiness.

Along with championing the cause for Global peace, Guruji has also commenced a spiritual training education program.

Take Anaahat Yog for example, Anaahata Yoga allows one to achieve a higher state of awareness. It includes a particular sequence of asana’s (Yoga postures}, pranayama’s (breathing exercises), and finally meditation that can best be learned from a Guru.

Guruji Vasanth Vijay Maharaj is keen to spend time with interested pupils and educate them at their pace on the art of perfecting the asana’s. On a similar note other spiritual education includes:

Atma Sadhana Prashikshan

  1. Vishuddha Pranayam
  2. Sarvangasan
  3. Bahirmathruka Nyas
  4. Antarmathruka Nyas
  5. Chakra Bhedhan Vidhi
  6. Naadi Shodhan Vidhi
  7. Khechari Mahamudra
  8. Shambhavi Mudra
  9. Sushumna Siddhi
  10. Chith Shuddhi

Spirituality is a sacred science and one learns best when tutored by a good Guru, whose knowledge with regards to the subject is as deep as the Ocean.

Interested students who have a hunger to learn from Guruji can fill up their details given below; however, those who have already undertaken a spiritual education discourse must also mention them in the comments section.