Vision & Philosophy

Vision and Philosophy

It has been said that one inspired, dedicated person can have the power of 10,000.
The kind of power that rests with one person. His name is Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj.
He is working for peace from the 20th year of his life till today and wants to make peace a multi-faith phenomenon.

Mharaj’s philosophy comprises of the following:

Holistic Inner-Outer Peace

The West lays more emphasis on Outer peace. The East lays greater emphasis on inner peace. He wants to combine both because he believes in a peace philosophy that is holistic. He feels ”We must will peace with our whole body and soul, our feelings and instincts, our flesh and its affections.”

Respect for everyone

Maharaj is working towards the creation of proper values and attitudes. Respect for everyone regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, sex, appearance, political and religious beliefs, physical and mental abilities .


Accepting and appreciating intrinsic value in oneself.


A firm feeling that people can collectively create positive change.


Empathy towards people and seeing things from their point of view.


Respecting diversity and differences.


Social justice, equity and non-violence are important.


Sensitive understanding of every living being’s place in the eco-sphere.

Crusader for Peace fromthe age of 20 years
He is a Jain- the follower of the most peaceful religion in the world. It is the only religion which
understands the nature of violence and its effect on victims and perpetrators. His upbringing has sharpened his awareness. He is enlightened person and realizes how perceptions, values and attitudes can create social and political change. He is perhaps, the best possible human being on earth to create peace. He is a genius at identifying bias, enhancing self-esteem encouraging creative self-expression, imagining life beyond the present and working towards a vision. Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj is our Ambassador of Peace.

Vows of Silence
Meditating for Peace in complete silence.

2001 50 continuous days X 3 sessions
2002 70 continuous days
2003 240 continuous days
2004 70+50 continuous days
2005 72 continuous days
2006 28 continuous days
2008 100 continuous days
2009 70 continuous days

Total 850 Days
over the last one decade.

The very process of living involves violence. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat andthe ground we walk on- it’s full of microorganisms. Dr. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj has disciplined himself with strict spiritual and rational choices. He avoids root vegetables because uprooting them involves killing the entire plant! He has even given up mangoes, sweets, milk, cheese, ghee and yoghurt!
This is a mental resolve he has made to further strengthen his efforts for peace!

Children deserved the full loaf.

(Extract from the Lecture on Peace Education, Norway)

Heart of Education

Peace begins in the minds of children

“Schools should be a place of peace. Education is central to peace. Peace should be at the heart of education” these thoughts that are reverberating through his being.

He echoes UNESCO’s viewpoint:

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is the minds of men that the defense of peace be constructed.” He firmly believes that peace begins in the minds of men…

Peace begins in the minds of the children. Honesty, sensitivity, empathy are ingrained in his character.

He has used learning methods, dialogues, storytelling, creative arts-writing, dancing, painting, composing to spread his message of peace to children in communities all over India.

“Disputes may be inevitable, but violence is not. To prevent continued cycles of conflict, education must seek to promote peace and tolerance, not fuel hatred and suspicion”

UNICEF 1996 State of the World’s Children: Anti War Agenda

Promote peace and tolerance

“Help young people integrate their work for peace with every other aspect of life, with their families and communities, religious affiliations and their jobs and work relationships. The task of inventing peace will require the co-operation of everyone and it will take many years to accomplish” How you can teach peace: The Seville Statement, 1989.

“Schools are not immune. The disorder of the world surfaces in the school in many ways and the very qualities that are needed to address the global crisis are the very same qualities required in school…Any school can become a community which models how the world may be. For example, each person is respected and honored; mutuality exists in all relationships; resources are sued mindfully and justly…the values of community, simplicity, helpfulness, creativity, celebration and openness to the spirit bring with them the possibility of a school where people matter and where they can be fulfilled. The same values are those that can contribute to a world where justice, peace and care for the environment are made a priority.”

His Vision for Children

Children should learn how to make peace with themselves and with others. Children should know to live in harmony and unity with self, human kind and with nature. Children can prevent human-kind from destroying a large portion or all of itself.

“Human beings have embarked on a race between education and catastrophe”
H. G. Wells

Children can help us win – not lose the race.